Sample a vibrant world of aspiring eateries in a game of outrageous gustatory rivalry.
Your menu is the key for defeating opponents to steal bara hunks and savor the sweet man-on-man smuttery that unfolds. 
Will you sip from the cup of success or will culinary challengers ensure your first course is your last? 
Hard cocks and kitchencraft collide in:
Chicken Wang | Moar Daddies!



  • Indulge in a casual lite resource management adult text-based game of over 50k words and enriched with images. 
  • Serving up 3 distinct men to capture (more planned post-release).
  • Garnished with dozens of achievements you can earn with each playthrough.
  • A multitude of contributors spiced up the game with unlockable cards and shows.
  • Sizzling action occurs in the Playground with enticing erotic events. 
  • Play your way. Focus on your restaurant or toppling rivals. Load up on achievements or just relish the lore. It's even possible to play the game fully NSFW or SFW - a buffet of choices is front and center.


! Warning !

!! THIS IS AN ADULT GAME - For 18+ mature audiences only !!
Certain themes such as dub-con, non-con, incest, straight-to-gay, etc. are present. Please be advised and play at your own discretion.

Note: Twine, the program used to make this game, may not work with browsers where cookies have been turned off. If you get the message "no valid storage adapters found” then that is the issue.

This game is best played on desktop or laptop computer and may not run on mobile devices.


Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsAdult, adults-only, Bara, Erotic, Gay, LGBT, Text based, Twine, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

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Played this game a few times. I really enjoy the worldbuilding and mystery of just what your goal is and what you're doing. 

So far in my playthroughs, I've done well to beat all the guardians and even upgrade most facilities. Only one I can't is exploration. I'm not sure if it even is possible, or what the benefits are by the time you get there. 

It too me forever with Lacitra, especially because I guessed the right food but didn't get it high enough the first time. Unlike with Creama, the message was that I was doomed from the start and not hinting that I was close but failed in a different aspect. Don't know if that's because Lacitra is hard or a possible glitch?

The thing I want to do more of is explore the playground and unlock more 'photos' of the guys. I can spend time upgrading my playground, but then I can't get all the guys. I think there are 3 increases for each thrall event?  

But even if I upgrade my playground to the final upgrade, sometimes I only get prompted to increase the event to one level higher, and not any further. 

To see all the events or an event progress through all three levels, I basically focus on one guy and spend any time that's not used for defeating his guardian on making money for the playground upgrades.

I still haven't seen all of Tissimo's events or see one event go through all three levels. I just don't have enough time, especially since the randomness of the playground might mean I get the same description of say dolls or a gramophone twice in a week or even two days in a row.

(A shame cause Tissimo's events seem the funniest so far and curious to see if he breaks).

Not necessarily a complaint, but would love tips on finding ways to better manage money, playground upgrades and thralls. Or if there's maybe a way to increase seeing thralls or progress events further I haven't realized. 

Overall though, I really like the game. Interesting mix of worldbuilding, strategy and some of the hottest descriptions of sexy situations I've read. Can't wait to see more. 

Thank you! You 100% picked up on a glitch with LaCitra. (Also, she’s almost always the hardest for people, but also normally their favorite guardian somehow…?)

I am confused about the issue you’re having with the Playground. Although, I think I may address the thrall issue in the update I’m percolating. I’m still debating how to do it. But you’ve MOSTLY figured out the mechanic properly…but you got a prompt to increase the event one level higher? Do you mean as the event is happening or that you’re still getting the option to upgrade the playground?

I know most people won’t read this full comment so I’ll share a secret - the 3rd levels for characters are also connected to the number of playthroughs. In fact, there are several special events and things that will happen only after you reach or exceed a certain amount. It’s 8 for the Prince. So don’t worry to much about him before that.

Thank you again! I’m going to update the file now to fix that one glitch.

I'm glad I was able to help with that glitch. She has very Sailor Saturn vibes, so I wasn't sure if it wasn't perfect it wouldn't be detected or if it was a glitch. (Hard to say who my fave is. Crema is adorable, LaCitra is intense and the Princess intrigues me most)

Yeah, my wording wasn't great. Trying to not give away spoilers, but still not great wording. So for the photo events, I was under the impression to get them to the third and final stage, you need to upgrade the playground fully. But maybe that's not true? I assumed so because it generally only seems to give me those prompts after I upgrade the playground (thrall events too, although not always). But maybe the upgrades are just more for funny?

(By getting a prompt, I meant deciding to do more corruption during the event. No issues or glitches with upgrading the playground; once I do it's fine. More just an issues trying to balance resources (when to work, when to get appeal) saving for upgrades to the playground and upgrading other areas to get enough appeal to defeat the bosses.  

It's funny, after you said that I definitely got an event with the prince and got it to the final stage. I have about one event for Fresco, one for Limonsque and two for the Prince to see fully and I've seen them all! (Curious if the text thrall events only have two levels or if they have more.)

(Also happy to share, I also almost got this close to upgrading the exploration area by upgrading the restaurant, 5000 something dollars at the end. Did it by getting the first thrall and working everyday I could. It might just be luck in getting the right chef who activates at the right time to get cheery moods consistently.)

And thank you for replying! 

An update on progress. I've seen three events for all thralls except Tissimo. At this point I'm convinced he only has two with photos, or if he has one more I won't get it in this play through. Maybe I haven't played enough times to unlock it, but I've had to do at least thirty playthroughs.

I feel like I remember a previous time that watching all the TV shows...did something. It changed the shows or the world or something. Didn't do anything this time. I also thought I remember achievements for beating all the guardians and seeing a TV show through, but didn't get anything this time. Overall, still really enjoy playing this game! Nothing else quite like it.

AH! Sorry got busy, for your previous question - and you likely realized this - you DO still have to upgrade the playground to reach unlock the higher scenes (even on later playthroughs). All thralls have at least 3 scenes with images and 2 scenes with just text.

Tissimo, as usual, is acting like a problem while in the playground but he does have equal chance of having his scenes come up. My suggestion, which you may have done - don’t get the other thralls to heighten the chance of seeing his scenes.

And yes! If you watch an entire season of one of the original SFW shows you unlock a whole avalanche of TV based content in the game. Some shows have achievements tied to them for watching all the episodes of that show.

There shouldn’t be an achievement for beating the guardians AND watching TV. Those should be separate.


I finally beat all three Guardians in one go, but unfortunately I can't truthfully say I had much fun? The game's systems feel so obscure, even after reading through the Secret Notes, and the recipe attributes feel too random. It's too much work to feel rewarding.

Thank you for the comment, I’m really glad someone read the Secret Notes! I can respect what you’re saying about it not feeling rewarding, but congrats on beating all of the guardians. I’m not sure if you feel like answering but how would it feel less “random” in terms of the recipes? You broke the code…how did you get there? You can answer me elsewhere if needed.


this game is soo confusing.

phweeew....  I finally managed to defeat all three guardians in one playthrough,  much thanks to your hints here.  And now I have some questions.

1.  I defeated all except Babooshka.  Can she be beaten?  I've seen her in two forms, not quite sure what that means.  I don't know if there is life after Babooshka.

2. After I beat the 3 Guardians I immediately tried again and failed, due to the random nature of daily profits.  Is there more than one way or strategy to beat them, or is it always the same path?  i could have easily tried my exact method several runthroughs in a row without having succeeded.  

WOO-HOO! Congrats!

  1. Babooshka is the undisputed Mistress of the Realm. If you’ve seen the secret journal her role makes sense. Right now there’s nothing after her and the T.A.S.T.E. doesn’t have a weapon capable of beating her. Always enjoy the week she’s coming by doing other things.

  2. My original plan was to add 3 more guardians and thralls and prepare for that type of update. HOWEVER, after speaking with those who’ve approached me directly (they’ve all been VERY respectful and I am grateful!) I’m dead set on an update that will…address 3 issues that have been bugging me and players before adding more guardians.

(I don’t normally respond this much but I don’t feel like I’m spoiling too much with this response)


Wanted to like this but with a horrible UI and absolutely no information given to the user and either cryptic or non-existent feedback it just feels like a waste of time and is just not fun.

Seems set up as a multiple play-through, learn as you go, type of game.  A bad UI really takes the enjoyment out of this experience.  Some things you should consider:

  • "This game is best played on desktop or laptop computer" yet only uses like 1/3 of the screen width.  I'm on a 1440p monitor and have to scroll down if i have to click on the final 2 options.  Double up on the destinations so its 3x2 or even 2x3 instead of 6x1 and use more of the screen.
  • So many unnecessary clicks.  The "It's a new day" screen that requires a click serves absolutely no purpose and hurts every time i have to click through it (which you have to click it almost 30 times every play through).  Clicking out after talking to one of the helpers one screen at a time is also painful.  Have useful buttons like "Back to restaurant" or even "Set the next special" button after looking at people's Files.  Its 4 clicks to get from a person's information back to the restaurant.
  • If you do get it down to one screen without scrolling consider saying the day's rewards just at the top or bottom of the screen and eliminating that separate screen as well.  Twine games should minimize the amount of scrolling and clicking that needs to be done whenever possible.
  • Why is there no back button when viewing the menu to set the special?  You have to select something and it can't be changed once set.
  • From the game page it sounds like the playground is where the sexy stuff is and i assume the whole point of the 4th week is to play with the 3rd week's guy and/or any of the guys without time penalty?  If so then why is there an unskippable 4th week if you have no guy to play with?

The "game", if i can even call it at, is just not fun.  Games have feedback.  The user does something, the user gets meaningful information back about how their action was either helpful or not.  That's what puts the "Interactive" into the "Interactive Fiction" tag this game is labeled as.  There's no concrete information given to the user at any point other than whether you win or lose an encounter.  And you never know WHY you won or lost.

The reason why learn as you go, multiple play-through, games are fun is the feeling of satisfaction from getting better and overcoming an obstacle that at first seemed impossible.  As far as i can tell, there is no 'getting better' at this game.  You either know what you need to do, or you don't.  And the process to get that knowledge is just pure trial and error.  Which in and of itself is not a bad thing, except the trial and error is so boring and and unrewarding.  I played like 2.5 games and I'm no closer to beating any of the people and nothing meaningful happened.

After doing almost 3 games I still don't know what you are actually supposed to do.  Do you make a dish that both people like?  Or dislike?  Or only one of them?  Or is it the vague and unhelpful Company 'liability' i should be targeting?  You said in a previous comment to pay attention to certain 'keywords' in the description of the dishes.  I tried to do that, and all the obvious (atleast to me) choices were all completely wrong.

Also at the end of my 2nd playthrough it said i got a note or something but never found where to actually read that.  Wing-A-Ling's "Guidance" option still remains blank and is just rubbing salt in the wound having a blank "Guidance" option in the game when all I want to know is what the hell is going on.

Maybe the stuff the 4th person says is supposed to be hints but they just say words, and I have no context to make them actually meaningful.  I remember he commented on me not switching out my chef and loyalty.  Maybe switching chefs between each adversary is useful and it would be helpful information.  But I don't even know what chefs do or why I would want a different one or even why i lost in the first place so it's just meaningless and unhelpful.

Final verdict (TLDR): As a 'game', it's just not fun.  As a 'smut delivery system' all I can say is "What smut?".  It seems like all the NSFW content is the 'reward' hidden behind actually winning this trial and error game.  It has a lot of potential but I just don't see any reason to play more.  I'd take just a "How to Play" on the menu with an info-dump of game mechanics and primary objective.


Yikes, it sounds like I really put you through the ringer. ALTHOUGH, this is anger I can use.

Thanks to your feedback I was able to fix 2 bugs that should NOT have been there. There was supposed to be a back button for the fussy feather menu and the guidance should have been up and working. I went ahead and fixed those and made some other corrections.

So major apologies on that front. Fixing those should make the game closer to the original vision. Thank you!


Adult game? I think I've been screwed with. So far, I played for a while and I haven't even SEEN guys. All I get is this incomprehensible menu with no idea how to play, and then I'm attacked by girls who... just wreck my restaurant with no explanation? I think the "Warning" is just a really dumb joke.

So I've tried several combinations with the guardians but still can't get it right!

I managed to defeat Crema, but I only partially defeated LaCitra. As far as the Princess, I got no clue... 

I'm gonna go crazy if I can't unlock everything lol. Please help!

You can message me on Twitter or FA and I can give you some insight.

But remember the clues for what to use to beat them are in the game, it’s about taking advantage of their weaknesses - and there’s a dish for each of those. And as you’ve learned, there’s also a hidden dish to come to a draw (congrats on finding it for LaCitra!)

Sorry Zadeblood, I messaged you back on Twitter today (there was a little snafu where I couldn’t see your messages).


Too complicated, too confusing. Not even sure where the porn is if there is any. Not particularly fun in its current state


This game seriously needs a way to save the achievements you've completed. Having to start from scratch after closing the game is HUGELY discouraging. 


So, I've been playing the game for more than 5 hours, retrying different things and wasting all options I tho of, I unlocked almost all achievements and around 75% of all the cards.

And I still can't find myself winning ALL 3 guardians in the same playthrough, it just feels like it's impossible or just hell rng-based. Here are some points:

- Cream is easy, you just get to the charge and it leaves you 2 free actions for whatever. You can spend them on money, per example. But this usually never get's you over 1000$

-Lacitra is just impossible to win, as far as I saw, just "drawing" ftm, and that will require you from the very first day to gather materials to get your charge up to 6, she only gives u 6 days for that so that means you're not getting any money.

-If u won both of them, you just can't win Fortia, she gives u (idk why this is different sometimes yet) 5 to 6 days to get 10 charges. This means you should already have upgraded one of the facilities to give u extra charges, but you can't possibly have done it before because you had no spare days to do so.

  • Moreover, if you managed to *somehow* have more than 1000$ on her first day, you can't even upgrade one facility, because Ding is NEVER working on the first day. That means you'll have to do it on the second, giving u 3 to 4 days after building it.
  • If it's 3, you're doomed. The most rng value it gives u each day it's 3, so you won't reach 10 even if you're the luckiest among everyone.
  • If it's 4, you MAY have a chance, but I never got to this yet, all the times I got to this point, I never had the money at the start (because having it means your chef giving u around 400$ the two spare days of Cream) and or when I had the money, it never gave me enough charges to win, and that was kinda frustrating.

So, after all this probably-too-large-text, I gotta ask, is there a way to win all of them at once or am I trying the impossible?

And, ofc, I would like to know whether Lacitra is winnable (not draw) to get limonique, cause even if I get to charge >10 I never seem to win.

Thank you for the comment! You didn’t say too much at all.

First, I’ll tell you that LaCitra is 100% beatable so no worries. I’m actually REALLY shocked that you found her “stalemate” menu item! So far I don’t think many have found/know those exist so really - slow clap

So you can beat all 3 guardians during a single playthrough although there’s one little game secret that would make it slightly easier. Message me on Twitter or one of the gallery sites and I’ll tell you cause you put in so much of the work.

Toot’s secret journal gives you some insight on how to maximize getting funding, but the places you upgrade play a major part. There are 2 locations where, if you can upgrade them to their final levels you CAN get more than 3 power-ups. However, you’ve probably also discovered that only 1 place will give you the best boost if upgraded once.

And Ding-a-Ling isn’t working the day after Crema because that day, Flambeday is our Sunday, and he likes to run off during the weekends for his little human obsession (Which you don’t know about, shhhh).

(1 edit)

I see... so I found something interesting xD I'll accept the claps, and I'll text you on Twitter then! Thanks for replying too!

Yeah I did manage to discover which place gives u more than 3 charges, but never thought of maximizing one in a full win-all-3-guardians route, hmm...

And yeah, I wasn't actually bragging about Ding not being there, I did some research through the (secret) journal and Wing actually tells u he's got bit obssessive, so yeah, sorry if that seemed like a brag xD

Uhh, also, can't message you on Twitter so Imma wait til' u message me there, I followed so you can notice me ^^

Is there any way to avoid having everything reset? Or is it just the same three guardians and final person over and over again?

For right now - yes. I have more guardians, guys, and events planned but the base of the game is what you’re playing now.

Getting a error message after I click the "Run Game" button:


Apologies! A fatal error has occurred. Aborting.

Error: no valid storage adapters found.

Stack Trace:





No problem, that’s mentioned in the note up top. It’s a common error. It just means that cookies are enabled in the browser and Twine needs those enabled to run.

This game doesn't save so if you exit out of it all progress is lost... Is this suppose to happen? Playing on browser, or in the app itself and I can never find a save section... and cookies are enabled. Other than that it's quite a fun little game even if I can never beat the guardians... And with no save I never will...

You’re correct, this game doesn’t have a save function. However, the good news is - won’t need to save progress to beat the guardians. In fact, they’re beatable on the very first playthrough so no worries about game saves.

how do I defeat the guardians? Do I use dishes that they like or hate? If so..what are they?

You’re on the right track. Pay close attention to dish descriptions in the fussy feather menu screen and see which one “fits” the keyword you need the most or seems relevant.

where can i find this key word

Sorry, that would be a spoiler. You can message me on Twitter and I’ll tell you.

that still doesn't really answer my question...